To submit your work for the Nat Geo Educator Certification Program, please complete this Multimedia Reflection Form. This is your chance to tell us about both of the activities you completed in Phase 2, how they connected to the Learning Framework, and how your students were impacted.

However, you should choose either Activity 1 or Activity 2 as your “capstone activity.” For your capstone activity, you will be asked to submit the following additional items as part of your multimedia reflection form and on the Google+ community to inspire other educators. See “Uploading to the Google+ Community” to learn how to post your materials there.

  • A lesson plan, in accordance with this template, written in your own words with sources cited
  • 2-6 photographs of student work
  • A video that tells the story of your students’ learning in a visual and creative way. See “Capstone Video Requirements for more details.
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